Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Where Java is headed?

10 years ago we have been introduced to Java with Duke dancing in a web page. Duke's reveluationary approach of portable clean code running in VM has inspired client side programming, flash, .net even todays latest approaches of ajax and flex.

While developers playing with applets, Duke was headed to Enterprise Application Servers with enterprise beans, message driven beans, jms etc... All vendors came up with their own implementation and approach integrated in their tools. Enterprises started migrating their systems to EJB implementations and while they were struggling with complexity Duke's friends came up with open frameworks such as hibernate and spring. Later this simple approach had been labeled as POJOs. Also while client side developers were struggling with new JSP/Servlett specifications duke came up with JSF coupled with Ajax. The idea was simple but very clever. Ajax had already been on market since Explorer 5 and JSF was built on success of Struts.

Right now Duke is still trying to enforce EJB 3 to POJO fans, Java 6 with netbeans matisse gui tool to desktop developers. Duke has always found an unexpected way to stay popular. I hope he does it again otherwise 10 years later Java would be alive just because Cobol does today.

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