Friday, 2 March 2007

Why Java Hosting is the most expensive solution?

I was looking for Java hosting and it is so disappointing that the cheapest Java hosting is at least $15 to $20 monthly where PHPor ASP hostings are available as low as $1.5 or $2 monthly.

If you google it you will find many reasons such as diffuculties of running multiple JVMs or running multiple hosting packages in one JVM... Well they may all be true but how will Java powered open source systems would run?

By the way while I was looking for java hosting I came across to . They offer free EE hosting but there is an interesting signup process. They give an online quiz in which a small piece of code is wanted. The code written is compiled instantly and the output is displayed. Well of cource I passed and to be honest it is not much hard but there was some small tricks which was fun to solve.

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