Thursday, 21 February 2008

Java Day '08

This year Java Day was was on 19th February at Hilton Convention Centre. Luckily heavy snow stopped the previous night so we could manage to arrive Hilton without much problem. Actually I was a little worried about the presentations since most of the presenters were same from previous year but Sun's evangelists had managed to update the content and present new materials.
First session mostly consists of sponsor presentations which is actually not much more than an advertorial session. First session ended with demonstration of planned features of Java SE7.
After lunch session had more rich content. Doris Chen presented new trend Ruby and JRuby. Personally I don't really believe in Ruby and find Ruby syntax ugly but I am not the one driving the trends so still it was nice to watch that presentation. She also presented Java EE5. Although EE5 is not a new subject the comparison with J2EE1.4 was out standing. I really wonder why vendors are not interested in Java EE5. Mostly developers complain that Spring already has all the functionality of EE5 but why not too improve an alternative. For years Java EE5 is on market but neither J2EE1.4 users nor Spring users migrate to that platform. Either Java EE5 is so bad or J2EE1.4 scared developers that much that nobody even thinks to research on that. I still insist that there should be other alternatives to both J2EE1.4 and Spring, and JEE5 is a good choice for that. The headliner of the show was JavaFX. Simon Ritter gave a nice and brief presentation of JavaFX. In my point of view JavaFX is a nice scripting platform sitting on top of the most mature JRE on market and new features like consumer JRE would be so nice for JavaFX. The problem is rivals of JavaFX is already on the market and no body has enough patience for Sun to complete JavaFX. There are many missing features when compared to Adobe's Flex. Adobe already delegated animation and design material to flash so by Flex they can offer a platform full of back end connections, remoting, rich client interfaces on a widely distributed Flash Engine. Actually to tell the truth still JavaFX is more ahead of Silverlight which even has a button component yet. But Microsoft offers great IDE and tool support so even silverlight seems more complete then JavaFX. Sun should be fast enough to deliver and promote JavaFX because I am sure Microsoft will make Silverlight more complete by next release and they have a great advantage that they can distribute the Silverlight plugin with Windows Update. I hope by JavaOne JavaFX would be more complete, has more tools and has more books.
Last presentation was Sun's Spots again Sun did a good job but they don't promote this platform. I think by the time people know and have this devices, they would be technologically out dated. So sad that this devices were presented on JavaOne 2006 but until last month they were not available outside US. Now they are also available in Europe with a price tag over €500. I am sure if Microsoft had a similar product they would sell it with a more affordable price and even maybe give it free to related developers. Last year Angelo Caicedo presented those devices, this year since she was not there Simon gave the presentation but he really seemed to be using the devices first time in his life. Still lots of people were amazed with the product and its features but I wish they could watch that presentation from Caicedo.

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