Sunday, 27 April 2008

EclipsIst 2008

This year my colleague Yunus and I am going to make a presentation and a workshop about developing a fast and extensible end to end project. The idea of the presentation is not coupling to a particular technology in the back end.  We will aggresively change persistance layers since they are encapsulated with JPA, use either either Spring or EJB, communicate with front end either on WebServices (again interchangable between CFX, Axis, Metro..) or via Remote Calls using BlazeDS. We will be using Adobe's Flex 3 for front end and actually i think this is the only techology we won't change during presentation since no other competitor still can offer a capable one. 

We will be presenting a huge architectural diagram with many alternative road maps on 29th april and we will be doing the workshop on 30th april. We hope you can come up with new technologies and ideas so we can try on the fly on 30th. See ya' there..