Friday, 2 May 2008

Eclipsist Presentation Available...

At last just as we promised on our workshop full source codes with jar files are available as eclipse project on our cvs server. You can check out the projects by these settings;

Connection type: pserver
User : eclipsist
Password: eclipsist
Repository path: \sys\okyanus

If you face any problems while checking out please feel free to contact us. You may face connectivity problems and slow transfer rated since this is an home server.

We have so many positive feedbacks and want to thank you all. We also have your negative comments and concerns. I am sure most of java and eclipse guys dont trust flash runtime just as they trust jvm but hey youtube runs on flash streaming, microsoft makes vista and silverlight presentations with flash and Flex is so much mature than JavaFX so why dont you give flash a chance. Also dont forget Flex SDK is open source and comes with it is own jre so actually it is not really leaving Java environment.
Also some people might think we could built the project so fast and easily since we are experienced on those tecnologies. Well no you are wrong, we migt be experienced in some but we are not using EJB3 or BlazeDS in production but we could manage to code them just as Spring and WebServices. Please do not afraid and just try to code on your own.. and if you still have trouble let us know. May be next time it will be better to guide a volunteer who is not interested and let him/her to code, to show you how easy it is.
Finally thanls to all our collegues and so many thanks to Naci Dai and his team who let us have this chance..

P.s. we are planning to publish a screencast to show how easy to code to people who didn't have chance to attend the workshop...

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