Sunday, 4 May 2008

IBM on Java EE 5

As a former Websphere specialist I must confess lately I had been really far away from websphere platform. After our Eclipsist presentation we had some questions about Websphere 6 & 7 aplication server compability with ejb 3. First of all IBM has released Websphere 7 which runs on Java EE5 so any one using WAS7 can use our EclipsistEE project.
The second and interesting news is IBM also released a SOA feature pack equipped with EJB3 for WAS 6 (which will be called 6.1). I remember every new feature or fix pack of IBM really made me nervous since they come up with new problems but this time the change is worth to try so I encourage all EE developers to try new featues. At least how bad could it be than EJB 2...

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