Tuesday, 15 July 2008

IBM, Rational and EJB3

This week I am attending a course at IBM. First of all I did not enroll for this class since the subject is something i already know but my company has some free seats and requested me to join. The course is Developing EJBs with Rational Developer 7. I have used RAD6 but mostly WID6 so what I thought was RAD7 must be a new version which is capable of JavaEE5 since Websphere Application Server 7 includes EJB3 support and since even there is a EJB3 pack for WAS6. Few minutes after the course started I find out I am wrong. The lecturer said RAD7 doesn't have EJB3 support but IBM is preparing version 7.5 with EJB3 support. Actually after I google some i find out the ide doesnt complain when you develop EJB3 but also it doesn't help. Actually I find it weird to have EJB support on the underlying server but not on the tool since both are from the same vendor. Beside IBM still teaching EJB 2.1 where EJB3 has been on market for years and EJB3.1 will be out soon.
Well, don't rush IBM.. please don't..

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