Friday, 5 September 2008

Google Chrome

Ok another post about chrome, actually I have been stopping myself from writing for two days but I am even so happy with the "beta" product so I must type fes lines.
First of all this not a full new browser, it does not have it is own brand new rendering engine. Instead it is just using the webkit which is also the heart of Safari browser. Some people may complain about Safari's compability but it is not, the webkit engine works great as long as u have a standart and properly coded site. So instead of complaining do neater coding or hire better coders. 
Chrome is fast, the moment i click the icon it is just ready to browse. Explorer 6 was very unstable and not memory firendly under XP, better but still much memory consuming  under vista. Firefox specially version 3 was nicer but takes so long for the initial start. Chrome is very light, fast and has a very small footprint. Boots fast and handles every tab as a new instance in the memory. Actually most people may not notice how important this is but browsers limit the parallel http requests which may cause ajax or flex developers pain. By having different insances at least every instance will have its own connection pool. Each tab has its own url box which is also great. The browser does not take much space on top so all the screen is yours to surf. Actually since widescreens become so popular i really find the number of lines very little, so i really think it is nice. You can just drag a tab and drop it on your desktop which will become a seperate window or if you mistakely opened a new window instead of a tab just do the opposite.
Chrome asks for the latest java runtime update which can be the survivor of the JavaFX and applets. It does not seem to have problems with Flash runtime. 
Actually Chrome is still beta but i had no problems while surfing. I think this is the main difference between the visions of Microsoft and Google. Microsoft can release Silverlight, a competitor to Flash/Flex without forming a component library even without a button and expecting developers to make html/js hacks to decorate the silverlight applications with buttons and label it as version 1.1, where Google even labels very near complete products like Chrome as "beta". Well done Google!

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