Saturday, 28 March 2009

JavaFX new platform, same Sun...

In april I have session at Eclipsist and will be presenting Rich Client platforms. As you all can guess JavaFx is one of the rich platforms we are going to present. Thats why lately i am messing up with JavaFx.
Developers around my age will probably remember this scene from Star Wars; 
“I don’t understand…” Han Solo said with tone of surprise. “Where is Alderaan?”
“Are you sure you are in the right course?” asked Luke.
“I am, but it is not here…all those asteroids…”
“It was destroyed. By the empire ultimate weapon. Obi Wan replied.
“Destroyed? That’s impossible.”...
Thats right the empire is strong enough to destroy the whole planet. So far most of the codes I downloaded failed to compile because the whole javafx.ui package and classes are gone. Just like the mighty Galactic Empire, Sun is strong enough to destroy whole javafx.ui package leaving some asteroids behind. I find it very hard to understand why Sun needs to play with package names. JavaFx is much behind the Flex and even Silverlight and Sun is hoping to catch up with them but just because Sun messed up all the packages most of the JavaFx code on the internet does not compile and is useless. I googled the package and class names to see where they gone but the tricky part is Sun moved the classes in to different packages and probably removed some of them (because there are still classes i can't manage to find). Right now whoever downloads or tries to write javaFx code by those examples will just face errors and will be confused because the compiler just complains instead of  informing that the package names changed. I really don't understand is it so hard to add few lines to the compiler to print a message when it there is "javafx.ui" in the code, so that people will just realise things changed. JavaFx is just at the beginning and such a discouragement will just cause less people to try and use JavaFx. Things need to be simpler and Sun claims that JavaFx is simple but if developers face such problems while also dealing with a new platform, they will just think it is to complicated and not stable to use. Sun already has a very bad fame from applets now will the same tradition is going to continue with JavaFx. Well we will see but the start is not much different...

Well done Sun!