Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Oracle buys Sun, ups... what will happen now?

Ok I was prepared for IBM to buy Sun, all the scenarios was in my head but this was unexpected. What will happen now? Suddenly I feel safer to think IBM bought Sun since they have a good history with eclipse. Java is important for IBM in every aspect so I hoped they would not mess it up with trying to control or making wrong decisions.
But what about Oracle? They are very strong with the database and after the acquisition of BEA they are also strong at Application Servers. Sure they don't need Sun's Application Server and I don't think they really need Java. Meanwhile Solaris and Sun's Hardware is something Oracle was missing.

I just read that Oracle may leave their chair in JCP to preserve democratic nature. Actually I believe this would be a good move and it would be nice if they can keep Java and JCP as free communities. Sun failed to make money on their products and they failed to turn Java in to money. I am sure Oracle won't fail that but if they fail in JCP and just turn Java in to market┼čng product then very soon Java clones and alternatives will popup and instead of making Oracle stronger soon they will weaken the Java Platform. Oracle must keep in mind Java is not young even now so many people are trying to find different alternatives, so they must keep and even pump more innovation to Java.

What will happen to current Sun Products, well we talked about Java. JavaEE and SE will probably get stronger if Oracle does right but I am not very optimistic about JavaFx. Just like the early days of applets when Sun did not bother loosing the war since they are a server side company, Oracle will also not so interested in JavaFx. Honestly I'm not expecting an impact or even good progress from JavaFx.
MySql will probably die. Oracle does not need it and frankly it is a strong enemy against them. Probably MySql will just fade away in time. Solaris&OpenSolaris will probably get huge investment. I am expecting Oracle to sail away form other operating systems to form their own kingdom. Netbeans is very unknown, so far Oracle was on Eclipse side, and eclipse is quite strong. Will they invest in NetBeans just to have challange?. Honestly I don't know, but probably not. They can not turn NetBeans to a non free product, even they do why do people want to pay while they have stable eclipse products in huge variety. Glassfish will either going to replace the core of Oracle and BEA's servers or it will be a free open source version which may stay as a starters pack and also fade away in time.

I always thought a company like Google can drive Java very well. They are good on making money on the side products like ads. They have a good development team, most were in development of Java before. They have a good history and experience in creating platforms like GWT, Android, App Engine, Maps...etc. Google like change and very innovative, but other parts of Sun like hardwares is just doesn't fit them.

I hope Oracle doesn't fail with Java... I really hope...

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