Friday, 26 June 2009

Welcome Galileo!!!

Another June, another release of Eclipse. Finally downloaded Galileo and give a try. Eclipse is doing an amazing job releasing new versions of a great project set every year. Galileo hosts 33 projects with over 23 million lines of code all around the world and had a development cycle of a year. Just look at the release dates below and see how perfect the cycle goes;
2004 – June 28th (Eclipse 3.0)
2005 – June 28th (Eclipse 3.1)
2006 – June 30th (Callisto)
2007 – June 29th (Europa)
2008 – June 25th (Ganymede)
2009 – June 24th (Galileo)

There are many new features and enhanchments but what i really wonder is what will the next releases name since the Galilean moons are exhausted.
Welcome Eclipse Galileo, thanks to all eclipse community!

p.s. Ok I got the tip from Ian Skerrett next release which will be on june 2010 will be named Helios :)

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