Friday, 9 October 2009

Adobe WorkflowLab

As a software developer if the necessities, project steps are well documented, I can design and develop the new projects in time, maybe in a shorter time. Else whole the workflow is done by the developer. He/she creates the cycle of the workflow of project in his/her mind and starts developing according to that thought or the workflow he/she hears from the manager.

Today I got a newsletter from Adobe Edge. Sometimes I am bored on these kind of periodic mails. But Adobe's mails interest me and I read them (I receive them monthly). At the ends of the mail there was a link to a new project which is a workflow engine project that excited me. It is named as "WorkflowLab". By this application you can design the steps of a project using a user friendly graphical user interface. And creating a task you can define your applications that you will use in this step. This is a good property of the program. But whole the defined programs are Adobe's tools. I could not see an "other" choice and could not define custom tool. But I saw that next year they will provide this capability.

I used several workflow tools and developed a workflow tool for a company during my internship. None of them was fast as this program and none of them uses low disk space. You can find an install the program from and you can find detailed information from . If you are looking for discussions and forum you can use

By the way, the program is lightweighted and uses 2MB of disk space. The program is free of charge.


  1. Well, a good example for an air application. Air really suits such applications, its small since most of the libs are already installed in runtime, easy to install and still offering great visuality!! Seems like I also need to read such mails time to time :)

  2. We posted a detailed article on how we built WorkflowLab using Flex 4 and Flash Catalyst. A great insider's look at how larger team projects might utilize Flash Catalyst as a simple skinning tool.