Monday, 23 November 2009

Altair; An iTunes MP3 player built with Flex 4

About a month ago when my friend Cenk showed his brand new web site to me, all I had in my mind was to build an iTunes style MP3 player for his work. The site's design was nice but the player he was using was quite ordinary. So I holster my brand new Flex Builder 4 Beta2 and offered to build a better one to him.
I start for searching a coverFlow component so I wouldn't need to code it from strach where I end up with a nice one on Doug McCune's blog. I built some category shelves to support multi coverflow lists, add a regular list and some regular controls.
After several small and serious bugs (after intense testing by Cenk and Sinem) here is Altair with the initial version, which is named after the great game Assasin's Creed. Besides coordinating the coverflow, the list and the mp3 player I also try to recode the existing code (the most i could) with Flex4.
I am going to submit the full code very soon after refactoring and rewriting the rest but still feel free to contact me for the current source code if you need it immediately.

Ladies and gentleman here is Altair performing Cenk's great scores..

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