Thursday, 3 December 2009

Microsoft's reply to Apple Stores; The Windows Cafe

This picture was taken, on december 2nd on Boulevard Sebastapol, Paris. I can't find words to describe how suprised I was. So what is Windows Cafe for? specially in Paris which is famous for its cafes.
First of all it has nothing common with a regular Paris Cafe or any Apple Shop. Its a Nespresso Store clone in terms of design, with a bar body guard waiting in front door, with few pcs inside and some windows boxes on the shelves. Probably the body guard is for stopping the apple users going inside.
The idea is really funny, and reminded me the Apple commercial where the windows guy was spending money on ads instead of fixing vista.
I think even Steve Jobs could not imagine to offer such a stupid thing if he had a spy in the board of directors of MS. Or is it someone in Microsoft who enjoys watching the Apple ads making fun of them.
So what next, Office restaurant? Visual Studio hotel?.. hmm may be IBM would also join with a Websphere theme park.
Oh god I never thought i would miss Gates...

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