Sunday, 21 February 2010

The war in your pocket, the Mobile World

Shortly after the announcement of Apple’s long waited iPad, GSMA 2010 heated the mobile arena much more. It is quite clear that the kingdom of iPhone is in great danger unless they have new suprises.

Here are some key points;

Android, should be the most promising system on the market. There are over 100 android devices announced either available or hit the shelf soon. HTC announced new models based on Nexus One and Hero. One of the greatest advantage of Android is the full flash support. So far it seems like its the most compatible and mature system for the flash player. Also android offers a quite open platform and easy development for Java/JavaME developers. Google has handled the most important problem, the hardware variety quite well. Android seems to be performing quite compatible and customised on different handhelds which was a key point against iPhone since Apple does not need to face such an issue as the only hardware provider. Also Google’s attempt to attract developers to build apps even much before the devices exist, is really paying back now.

Windows Phone 7 series, looks nice and modern. Integration with current Microsoft tools is a plus but i still wonder if it can wipe the bad memories of the previous Windows Mobile systems. Microsoft should also be worried about that since the name WM totaly changed to Windows Phone. XBox Live could be a nice catch but not sure if it will be enough to attract any gamers. The user interface look very modern and sleeky. Microsoft has done quite a lot in terms of user experience but I’m not sure if the animations and transitions are really well designed. To be honest they look nice at first look but for daily use I feel they would be a bit slow and exaggereted. Also they need hardware support which seems like it would not be problem but in terms of nice stunning designs that could become a problem against iPhone and Android. One more questions is even though Windows has been around much longer than Android, iPhone it lacks the application variety and a centralised app store which their rivals have.

IPhone, is the quite leader of the modern smart phone market. Besides the handhelds and OSs they also rule and make good money on the applications. IPhone had a minor update with 3Gs but I really feel they are getting a little outdated with the upcoming devices against Android. But still Apple is always full of suprises so there might be a very unexpected upgrade which would change the current situation. Well even for the current models, iPhone offers easy of use, sleeky and a trendy device against its rivals. Also Apple now has a huge mobile device which is called iPad whose destiny would be interesting to watch.

Samsung have their own OS, with Java support and trendy models. I am not sure if they can offer the same rich use experience but it is sure that they are quite fast to implement new stuff.

Palm has been left out of my scope for a long time, however, now I have an eye on them after the move of Sun’s Josh Marinacci. It would be nice to use his experience on JavaFX to bring better user experience to Palm.

Seems like 2010 will be a very big challenge for mobile world. Flash will be out soon with Flex and ability to export IPhone apps even though Iphone does not have a flash player, JavaFX offers easy mobile development, Android is has a solid OS now and they are taking nice steps for user experince, animations, transtions and they have a nice app store. Microsoft finally have a modern OS (although they are about 2 years late, actually I find it hard to understand they should know the advantage of being early on the market from their XBox experience), Apple (probably) making secret plans to keep the advantage of being unique.

Let’s wait and see..

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