Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Froyo update goes official!!

The long waited android 2.2 update, codenamed froyo is now official and expected arrive via over the air within this week. I had been using FRF82 build on my nexus one for a week and it's simply great. Here are some key points you are going to receive with the froyo update:

  • Everything running faster! really faster. You can  really spot the difference in native apps, 3rd party apps or even in web pages. Froyo is much much faster and seems more stable than 2.1
  • Battery life is great! before froyo i needed to charge my phone about twice a day (under moderate to heavy usage). Now it can easily survive more than a day, no matter how much I use the device.
  • Flash provides full web experience. Despite it is still beta and not really designed for touch screens and multi touch still without flash the web is not full. Flash on Froyo seems quite stable and most of the flash content runs smoothly. Even complicated Flex applications run quite stable on provided Flash Runtime.
  • Better Accounts syncronization. Before froyo update although i had 4 google accounts registered on the device, i was able to use only the main accounts calendar. Now all calendars under all accounts can be used.
  • Internet tethering. This one is even enough to have a reason to upgrade. You can tether your mobile data either via usb or converting the phone to a wifi hotspot. 
  • Many tiny UI and functionality enhanchements such as the cam and the phone icon on the home screen.
This are the main key upgrades for end users, however, froyo offers much more for developers. Android SDK 2.2 brings great new and upgraded features.
    Well done Google, it was worth to wait. Let's see when will the "Gingerbread" be available to download.

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