Monday, 28 June 2010

What's up with Java Store??

Java Store was one of the key points of last years JavaOne. James Gosling who is known as the father of the store, personally demonstrated the JavaStore.

It has been a year, there should have been a JavaOne by today if Oracle did not have bought Sun and the new Oraclised JavaOne is ahead but still there is not much news from JavaStore. Sun could not make it available worldwide (anywhere outside US), hopefully Oracle will but still JavaStore is only available in US. After Gosling's departure it seems like Java Store lost its voice. Honestly, JavaStore would be a good centralized market for JavaFX apps and would drive JavaFX to a better place.

By that time Apple doubled the size of app store, formed a new bransh for the new comer iPad, Google had good job with Android Market and although JavaStore is taking it slowly still there is not much similar market for desktop apps.

So why not Oracle? Open it to whole globe by JavaOne 2010 and do what apple does to mobile... Still not that late..

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