Monday, 27 September 2010

JavaFX dead, Long live JavaFX…

For the last 3 javaones javafx managed to keep as the most popular topic. This year again there were promising javafx demos but also bundled with some shocking news.
Oracle has taken a bold step and decided to kill javafx, well at least the javafx script part. The tecnology still keeps the javafx name, however, without the declerative scripting counterpart nobody really knows how will it differ than swing and applets. Javafx script made nice start and offered promising future. Unlike its xml based rivals flex and silverlight, javafx adopted a css like declerative scripting. JavaFX also managed to have a public display of rich website of the last winter olympics.
Meanwhile, JavaFX failed to offer progress and tool support, thus failed to gain developer and community support. Although it was all java, different sytax and usage was not well atopted and made flex an easier learning path.
This year javaone keynote also introduced hard to believe javafx demos, but also brought the news that the scripting engine is not supported anymore and there wil not be any porting for javafx 2.0 . This led questions from java developers who felt left in dark. If anyone invest in learning javafx now, or even use their already gained experience, they are going to produce code which will not be supported in the new sdk. However nobody exactly know when the new sdk will be ready for production and how complete will it be? Also leaving declerative syntax behind and adopting a swing/gwt like style may also not be the best choise in the era of declerative uis. When compared to xml in flex, silverlight and even android, building your ui by code is not really attractive.

Oracle really took a bold move by making catastrophic changes which may bring life to javafx. They are completely rewriting and reengineering javafx but they lost very talented people from java, swing, javafx etc.. Who both knew java and the previous implementatins well (just to name few, Chet Haase, Romain Guy, Josh Marinacci). Honestly ireally think Oracle needs a UI product like javafx in their techonology stack and they are aware of this. However this move also left all current javafx development and developers in dark with some promises on future. Well we will see how much the "Future" will work javafx in java community.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Hungry to Flex? Welcome Burrito...

Those who have migrated to Flash Builder 4, has already should notice developer friendly enhancements in the IDE. However Flash Builder is still far from being perfect when ActionScript editor capabilities are compared to Java editor but the progress goes on... Adobe has just published a video of showing nice editor enhancements of Flash Builder.

Flash Builder Burrito - Generate from Usage from Andrew Shorten on Vimeo.

Adobe might have released Flex 4 and Flash Builder (spark mobile issues, missing spark components... etc) before they are complete but seems they are catching up.