Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Adobe kills Flash on Mobile

Adobe officially announced that they are not going to support Flash on any mobile platform anymore which ironically I read from my mobile phone. Some might agree Adobe has already moved from Flash to AIR on mobile and this news is exaggerated. However, I just disagree with a passion and here is why.

I like Sony and usually not afraid to buy their new products because they have (mostly) a good history on supporting their products. Anybody remember minidiscs? It was one of the most innovative product Sony has ever released. It was a bold step to revolutionize CD, it was a great step forward on mobility while preserving quality and finally it was the father of MP3. Sony, without telling anyone, did used a compression on the recordings. Although people reacted in a negative way once it was discovered, the idea brought the mp3 in everyones life. However the product had failed in the market. Sony did not step back and tried to strike back in every possible way. They even brought MiniDisc back to life as a mp3 player. Over a decade they kept MiniDisc in the market. They might have failed to get a market share but they did show their support and faith to their own product. Later they did a similar strategy to support with the first PlayStation which did not take that much attention in the beginning.

The moment I read Adobe's retrieval I remember a GTUG meeting which I had a session on Android. Just before me someone had a session on Flex/Air on Android which was still beta that time. As I started my presentation I did take a break on my subject and ask if anyone really believed Adobe could catch up with Apple and Google on supporting the new APIs. Not many people did. Adobe has failed providing the Flash Lite. By the time they were still developing an average mobile device had 1gz cpu and hundreds of mbs of ram which was even ok to full blown JRE. So they moved the other way, porting the full Flash to mobile. By the time the beta has landed on Android (remember the show on AdobeMax?), suddenly we realize that Steve Jobs was right. Flash on mobile device was power consuming, laggy and not good to be operated by touch. Still there was hope so developers waited with faith.

Today Adobe announced the death of Flash on mobile, so can we count on they will hugely invest on AIR on mobile? They did kill flash on mobile, flex builder on linux, flash on linux which were all promises they made. Now can anyone really trust on AIR? Adobe not just abondoned Flash they are loosing developers faith really fast.

Besides Flash is still the most widely available platform on desktop and with the rise of the Android they became available on half of the smart phones which they let it go. I have never seen such a retrieval move from any vendor while having such a market share. It is sad Adobe... it is a sad day for Flash...

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