Tuesday, 14 July 2015

I will be speaking at JavaOne'15

In case you are planning to attend JavaOne, let me pitch my recently accepted sessions.

My first talk will be about Design Patterns in JavaEE which I recently published a book on and the better I am honored to give this talk with Reza Rahman. Below you may find the official abstract.

Java EE revisits GoF Design Patterns
Design Patterns are not only cool but also bring years of collective wisdom to every level of developers. Since GoF, many books have been written and words shed, as well as many new concepts like Enterprise and Domain Design Patterns extended the coverage the Design Patterns, originally shared by the famous Gang of Four. Unlike the J2EE 1.4 era, Java EE provides easy and out of box implementations of many well known design patterns such as Singleton, Facade, Observer, Factory, Dependency Injection, Decorator, Data Access Patterns, MVC and even more. Many classical design patterns are actually just one annotation away from your project. Attend this talk to watch and learn by live coding demos of Design Patterns in Java EE.

The next talk is about mobile apps. Well I might hear people mourning about JavaME but worry not. The talk will about GWT which would enable developers to write Java which would be compiled and packed as an HTML5 app. And guess what, yes it does run on iOS.

Mobile Java with GWT, Still "Write Once Run Everywhere"
Times have changed and although JavaME still has a market share, it is not available on all devices anymore. Java/JavaME developers had no problem moving to Blackberry or Android but had faced challenges on iOS. HTML5+phonegap apps promised a magic silverbullet for write once run on all devices approach via several frameworks which in the end offered painful javascript and css development. While GWT offers a great Java to JS compiler and debugger, MGWT introduces native looking widgets both on ios, android and even blackberry. Also with the addition of gwt-phonegap projects, now you can code native looking html apps which can use native apis only with regular, type-safe, well known beatiful Java without coding a single line of html+JS.

I am excited to give my 8th talk in my 7th JavaOne. Don't hesitate to stop by and say hi if you will be around!

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