Tuesday, 19 July 2016

New Season's Android Talks are here!

Since I finished writing my book and the devfest season is approaching, it is time to focus on technical talks. I have created some new talks and also updated an existing one. Most of the talks listed below are complete although some may need a little more work.
If I happen to miss your event and do not submit a talk but somehow you came across this post and interested in one of my talks just ping me!

Android and the Seven Dwarfs
This talk is about libraries and frameworks which are crucial for any project and was previously delivered in Devoxx Belgium, Devfest Silicon Valley and Android Developer Days. Below you may find the video from Devoxx version but I rewrite all the content and rebuild all the slide deck (well, except for the jokes).

Abstract: Android is a great OS and it's Java based programming environment has offered an easy learning curve, great adaptation but also brought its own pitfalls and problems.
The httpclient shipped with android is buggy and outdated, Java's programming model does not encourage developers to use separate threads for non-ui related tasks, use of anonymous inner classes for listeners create a burden and ugly code and of course this list goes on.
This talk will focus on seven great open source libraries which do fix Android's programming model, the way jquery fixes javascript. The libraries will be covered with example code, advantages, disadvantages, internals and when to use them.
#libraries #frameworks #butterknife #dagger #okhttp #volley #retrofit #greenrobot #realm

50 Shades of Android Studio
As an eclipse veteran I always dragged my foot to Android Studio. This talk is mostly based on the teaching and lessons I got while writing Expert Android Studio book. The idea is IDEs are here to help you not to torture you. Most sadicstic yet errotic talk ever :)

Abstract: After years of Eclipse experience does Android Studio inflict you pain? Don't worry! Android Studio is getting better than ever each day! Whether you are a seasoned IntelliJ developer or an Eclipse veteran, Android Studio had many hidden features and gems which can unleash your true potential. This session will cover many tips, tricks and techniques varying from shortcuts, best practices, writing gradle and intellij plugins.
#intellij #plugins #shortcuts #gradle #buildlifecycle #codesniplets

The fault in our Apps: Android Design Patterns
Who doesn't like design patterns? Well at least who doesn't pretend they like it and know it all!! But but wait a minute, are they same on android? are they already there or need to be implemented from scratch, does android offer more? This talk will convince you that they are more than fancy words and teach you how and when to use them on your little green friend.

Abstract: In 1994, the famous Gang of Four, published their book "Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software" and since then any developer who wants to look cool and respected is obligated to use them in their daily chats. Actually it is more than that, Design Patterns are decades of collective wisdom to provide solutions for common problems in software. Android makes heavy use of design patterns both internally and at the SDK level. This talk will focus on classical GoF design patterns and how they can be implemented on Android as well as covering patterns which are specific to Android and mobile software ecosystem.
#adapter #singleton #facade #flyweight #proxy #dependencyinjection #mvc #mvp #observer #command #builder

OpenJDK for the a'N'droidlings
We, android developers, have been dreaming to use lambdas and new language features for a long time. However, moving to OpenJDK has changed more then just the language syntax but the whole internal build and debug process. Well, don't worry! this talk covers all ;)

Abstract: The day has come, finally with version N, Android moved to OpenJDK from the old rusty "Harmony" based friend. With the move to OpenJDK finally aNdroid finally has access to many new language features lambdas, streams, default methods on interfaces and many more. You have listened all those features in Java talks for years, this time come and watch  how the new language features and invoke dynamics will change your aNdroid world. 
#jack #jill #javabytecode #artbytecode #invokedynamic #openjdk

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