Monday, 12 September 2016

Keep your Playstation disconnected, Sony may steal your content!

I recently had a dispute with Sony which is ok, since from invention of trade merchants and customers have disputes. When disputes happen, some companies favor customer satisfaction such as amazon and some don't which is again ok since the customer is free to walk away. But what is not ok is to steal materials not subject to that dispute. This is no where near professional nor civilized. Here is the story how Sony decided to steal my paid content because we just simply didn't agree.

I don't play games a lot but as a fallout fan, last night I decided to play for a couple of hours before I go sleep. As I launched the game there was a warning saying my additional content from my season pass is removed. I realized my account was not signed in and online so I quit the game and tried signing in. While trying to sign in another message appeared saying I need to check my email and reset my password.

After several unsuccessful attempts, I contacted the customer support for help but got an absurd response that my account is banned and my previous paid content is removed. Now let me flashback to tell the whole story.

About a month ago, I got an email from paypal about a $25 transaction from playstation store. Since the only content I bought in recent months was Fallout Season Pass, this was clearly a fraud transaction which I did not authorized. At that point I had no clue if my paypal account is used in another playstation account or my playstation account is used on another device but the first option made more sense. Since it should be my paypal account which is stolen, I logged in my paypal, changed my password and dispute the transaction. Clearly Sony got mad from my action and decided to ban my account which is understandable, if either the merchant or the customer is not happy with the other they may choose to leave. However, Sony did not stop there and also removed my previous paid content from my account which is in simple words 'theft'.

The customer representative told (or threaten?) me that I can never dispute transactions over banks but should raise it Sony which is not correct according the customer rights given by mastercard, visa, american express and paypal. But I was not there to fight so asked him how to remove the dispute from paypal and move the dispute to sony. He told me to go and buy playstation pre paid cards, pay the amount subject to dispute and than he would give access to my PSN account. Really?!? what next, pay ransom to get save files?!?

First this is not much different then breaking into your customers house and steal your previously sold items just because you are not happy with the last sale. Second and worse, this simply favors fraud! Virtual (non paper) currencies and payment methods are not safe. Sony itself had previously leaked many credit card information of their customers, this is why all major payment systems favor customers against fraud. Most reputable companies also follow the same principle but clearly not Sony. The moment I raised the issue, Sony should have stopped access to the content subject to dispute, inform me and try to understand what is wrong. Third, even if I am bad person and liar who bought something and asked for my money back, the only thing Sony could do is remove that content and ban me for future purchases but removing previous content is simply stealing and against the law. Clearly Sony is backing fraud by asking their customers pay and not raise claims and even worse not afraid to steal.

8 months ago I saw a transaction from amazon which I did not place. I called my bank and report it. My bank refunded the money and send me a new card. A week later I received two shipments from amazon and realized amazon had splitted an order of mine into two shipments and two transactions. I did not carefully checked the first transaction which was why I thought the second one was fraud. I called my bank, approved the transaction and sent an email to Amazon to apologize. Amazon simply responded that it was ok and the surprising thing was they did not even care to contact me about the bounced payment. The next day I bought an Amazon Prime and since then use Amazon even for buying toilet papers. Guess what the next day after last night... I will be buying an Xbox S, cancel my preorder for Playstation VR and dispute all my previous transactions from Sony since my access to them is blocked. Well done Sony.